Job Interview

Q & A

What is the remuneration package of Internal Management Trainee?

The remuneration package of Internal Management Trainee will be adjusted according to your existing remuneration package. We will keep your year of service.

How many internal management trainee for this program?

We do not have a quota. We will take on high-calibre individuals as long as they meet our selection criteria, demonstrate leadership potential and excel in their performance throughout the entire assessment process.

What are the programme detail?

- Experience critical business and leadership training in one years across two business units. - Conduct performance review with you in every three months and also set KPI for you to achieve on each business unit. - Evaluate your performance on 10th month - Offer to destinated business unit according to your preference and performance. - Being invited to join our MT training workshops hold by C-level.

Can I choose which business unit to work in?

We will certainly consider your interests and preferences.

What is the career path for this program?

Graduated trainees will be promoted to management role in the group and being invited join our high-level management meeting to co-own our group business.

Who can I contact about the Internal Management Trainee Program?

You can contact us at 98316605.

How is the interview process?

- Online application - Complete online aptitude tests - Group discussion session - Final Interview with CEO, COO and HR Director We will announce interview result and offer to suitable candidates by end of Oct.

If passed the interview, when will I start?

Our Internal Management Trainee program starts in Nov 2020.

What skill sets or attributes are this program looking for?

We are looking for high-potential talents who possess a unique set of attributes.

What are the selection criteria?

- Degree holder from any discipline - Not more than 3 years working experience in UMH - Department Head recommendation

I am not graduated from business major, can I apply?

Internal Management Trainee Program is not limited to Business students. In fact, we welcome candidates from broad and diverse backgrounds to bring different perspectives to our business.