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Cecilia Lee (2012)

Assistant General Manager, Sales & Operation (HK and Macau)

(The Chinese University of Hong Kong – BEng in Computer Engineering)|Working in EC Healthcare provides me room for personal development and gives me the momentum to always strive for excellence.|I joined the ECH management trainee program 8 years ago, I have built a solid foundation from the comprehensive training offered by the company for my professional development.|As a fresh graduate, I had limited exposure in the healthcare and beauty industry and encountered different challenges every day. One year of training may not be enough to have a deep understanding of the medical beauty industry, but it allows me to experience the innovative and professional working attitude of our company. The company also invests a lot of resources to help our new staff to develop their full potential. With the generous guidance from my mentors, I have built up my confidence to raise creative and constructive ideas to handle different projects.|"Putting oneself into others' shoes" is the motto of our group. Whichever departments you are assigned to, you will surely learn much from the management staff as long as you keep a humble mind and an eagerness to learn.|Under the leadership and support of our group CEO and COO, I accepted every challenge encountered. The job rotations during the management trainee program also helped me to accumulate experience, and also facilitates our growth and pushes us for self- perfection.|I am Lee Ching Ching, one of the management trainees of EC Healthcare. I am currently an assistant general manager in ECH. If you are interested in developing a management career in a fast pace, high growth, young and energetic retail group, please do join us. Are you ready for the challenge?

Young Professional
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