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MT Sharing

Tim Ho (2013)

Area Manager, Beauty & Healthcare

(Hong Kong University of Science and Technology – BEng in Chemical and Environmental Engineering)|I graduated from HKUST 7 years ago. As a fresh graduate, I was not sure what was my passion. A lot of graduates chose banking and finance jobs from first-tier companies, but I wanted to challenge myself and learn something new. Therefore, I chose ECH.|ECH's Management Trainee program very much suits the inexperienced fresh graduates with unfound passion, but full of determination. We were rotated to different departments throughout the two years to try on different roles. The first thing I realized when I started working at ECH was that the skills from studying and working is very different. Our mentors, the CEO and COO, help all of us go through this barrier.|This MT program is extremely all-rounded and complete, as it was personally designed by our COO, who is a former MT graduate from Cathay Pacific. Therefore, regardless of which department you are assigned to, you will have the opportunity to contact different back-office staffs and front-line staffs. You have to initiate all the contacts, manage your team while working independently. These two years of training was very intensive because it is tough and filled with exciting tasks, it provides you a fast track way up the management level.|Lastly, not only will you be trained inside the office, MTs are invited to a lot of internal and external networking events, such as Charity Balls and Fundraising Events.|If you are ready for a challenge and discover your passion, ECH is your right place.

Young Professional
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