How can I submit my resume?

Please submit your application through the online application system.

Can I update my application before deadline?

Yes, you can notify us of the updates via e-mail at mtrecruitment@prohaba.com .

How do I know if my application is being considered?

We will review all the applications and shortlist suitable candidates to join the next phase of the selection process. You will be informed via email or phone calls if you are being shortlisted.

Will overseas application be considered?

Yes, overseas students are welcome to apply for the program. If you fulfil our program requirements, please apply through the online application system. If you are unable to attend the recruitment activities in Hong Kong, we may consider making alternative arrangements for you. Moreover, our Human Resources Department will help to arrange a Hong Kong work visa for successful applicants.

Do you have any special requirements on the applicant's degree major or concentration at university?

We have neither any special requirements nor preferences on the degree major or concentration of the applicants. We welcome candidates from all disciplines to apply for the program.

How many Management Trainees will EC Healthcare recruit in 2021?

There are no special limits on Management Trainee intake every year. We will consider all high calibre candidates who fit the program as well as our Company.

Who can I contact about the Management Trainee Program?

You can contact us at mtrecruitment@prohaba.com. Please note that this e-mail account is for enquiries only.

When will the Management Trainee Program commence?

The program usually starts in early July each year.

What is the salary and benfits package for the management trainess?

UMH offers competitive salaries for all management trainees. Candidates will be able to obtain information about salaries and benefits during the selection process.

Will I have the opportunity to work in other countries?

Each management trainee will be assigned to different job postings within a particular industry during the two-year program. Some of the job postings may require trainees to go on business trips or be relocated to a different country according to business needs.